Thank You Robin Pence

Around 40 years ago, Robin Pence left California for eastern Idaho and she brought with her the love of the game of volleyball.  Since then, she has shared that love by playing, officiating, and coaching our wonderful sport.  She has influenced the lives of many young men and women as she coached and even more, as she officiated.  Not only did she referee locally, but she also officiated at the NCAA level. 

Although these accomplishments are important and valuable, perhaps her greatest contribution to our sport was the organization of club volleyball in eastern Idaho.  The creation of the Eastern Idaho Volleyball Association and the EIVA League has supplied a stage for young people to learn and love the game of volleyball.  Several others have assisted in the creation and operation of the EIVA, but we would like to recognize Robin’s enormous effort, dedication, and contribution to our organization. 

Robin, congratulations on a great volleyball career and we are extremely appreciative of all that you have done throughout the years.  We hope that we can keep your legacy alive by continuing to build on the foundation that you have created.  Thank you so much for what you have done to put the eastern Idaho area and the EIVA on the volleyball map.

Thank You Robin... We Love You and Wish You All The Best!!!

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